For those of you who don’t know, Royal American has a non-profit organization called One on One, One by One. The One on One, One by One program delivers various welfare reform and workforce development services to clients who reside in Bay, Gulf, and Franklin County Florida. The program has been serving these communities for over 20 years and has assisted thousands of individuals with workforce services. The program staff provides the necessary support to families who have significant barriers to finding and retaining employment. The One on One program staff provides the necessary tools, resources, referrals, training, and career development for clients who need careful and strategic planning in getting back into the workforce.

We are so proud of the work our One on One team does every single day and would like to highlight some of the success stories of that hard work. The staff did an amazing job working with these clients highlighted below and so many others throughout the year. We are very proud of the One on One team!!

Out-of-School Youth Program: (EVA WOODS)

SNAP and Welfare Transition Programs (Royal American Management One on One, One by One) EVA WOODS & CARLAS WODFORD

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