At Royal American, we are fortunate enough to have employees with tenure extending 20 years and beyond. Their knowledge and expertise are pivotal in the success and growth of our company all the while staying tied to the deep roots it was founded on. It is our honor to interview these amazing employees and hear their stories. We are excited to share with you.

This week’s milestone anniversary interview to share with you is with Nikki Lumsden-Winecoff; Senior Compliance Specialist.

What position did you start out in at Royal American?

Assistant Manager

Would you tell us a little bit about your career journey with Royal American?

I began in Feb. 1999 as Assistant Manager at Laurel Pointe, a Chapman new construction property in Salisbury, NC. We leased up in 30 days which was crazy for me when I knew nothing about property management or tax credit! But, I had great teachers and had to learn fast! I was then transferred to Oak Crest in Kannapolis, NC where I worked as an Assistant for 3 years. During that time, I was approached about helping out some on an as-needed basis with Compliance. That is how I found my true calling, if you will. That eventually turned into a full-time position with Compliance, and then, soon, I became Sr. Compliance. In 2005, I was approached about being a Regional Manager, so I decided to try that out for a while, which turned into 5 years! In 2010, my son was then 2 years old, I decided that I really wanted to go back to just doing Compliance full time, and thankfully everyone was able to make that happen, and here I am today.

Can you share a favorite memory from your time with Royal American?

I have so many favorite memories, it’s really difficult to choose one! Probably one of my favorite, and a funny story, is when Kelsey Brites and I were sent to the Virgin Islands for a week. Everyone else was having a fit to go there, but neither one of us are Beach people, so by the end of that week, we were so ready to come home!!! It was beautiful there though, and an experience I will never forget. I have had the amazing opportunity with this job to be able to travel to many places that I otherwise probably would never have been able to.

What are a few of your interests and hobbies outside of Royal American?

I am pretty much a home body.  I love to read. I love spending time with my husband, my 16-year-old son, and our two golden doodles. We are just starting to build our forever home, so that is my current excitement and will be my joy for a long time!

What advice would you give to someone just getting started?

Just remember to always be helpful and always be kind, even if you may be frustrated. Also, for someone just starting in this business, do not expect to learn everything overnight or even within the first 6 months. This is a business that is always changing, and if you are beginning in Compliance there is a huge learning curve, so be kind to yourself.

We are so proud of Nikki on her wonderful career with RA and invite you to help us celebrate her 25 years in the comments! Thank you for sharing with us, Nikki!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our employees who have stayed with us through the years. We appreciate you and all that you contribute to our family of companies.

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